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It’s Maple Syrup Time!

Maple Syrup Season
A tradition in the Northland

Image: Minnesota Historical Society
The blazing colors of autumn have long since fallen and now sleep under a blanket of snow.  But the golden beauty of maples returns to us this time of year in the form of that sweet nectar called maple syrup.  Making Maple Syrup is a longstanding tradition in the northland.  From the Ojibwe tradition of gathering sap in water-tight birch bark containers, to modern operations connecting miles of tubing that funnels sap directly into the sugar house, our love for the sweet nectar of the woods hasn’t diminished. 

The Minnesota Historical Society has created an informative children’s learning module about the traditional methods used by the Ojibwe to make maple sugar and candy.  You can find it  here.

Kaare Melby shares his experience and feelings of maple syrup season in this short video.  Click here to watch.