Education Programs

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Project Description: The goal of this project is to provide educational opportunities that will help consumers access local food, new producers get started and help existing producers expand into new areas of production and new markets.

Project Update:

5/20/2020 – Kaare Melby:
With the COVID-19 situation, our focus shifted from in-person classes to online classes and conversations. This strategy seems to be reaching many more people than our in-person classes, and this has really helped to grow our network. Another advantage to offering these classes online is that we are able to save recordings of the classes so that people can watch them at any point in the future!

So far we have done the following online classes:

The Past, Present, and Future of Agriculture in North-Eastern Minnesota

Minnesota Cottage Food & Value-Added Products

Virtual Grafting Tutorial with Deb Shubat

On Monday 11/18/2019 Kaare Melby, Honor Schauland, and Andrew Norcross presented a class called Finding, Buying, and Gathering Locally Grown and Wild Food. This class explored the different types of local foods available, where to find those foods, how to store and preserve those foods, and when to gather local wild foods. Honor and Kaare had presented this class twice before, once here in Finland, and once at the Fond Du Lac community center.

You can review the powerpoint presentation from the class here: Finding, Buying, and Gathering Locally Grown and Wild Food 

There are also two resources that were developed for this class that you may find useful:

Where to buy Local Foods
A guide to help you find food that is grown, raised and processed in and around the Finland, Minnesota region.

Finland Area Gathering Cycle of the Year
An overview of the wild foods available in the Finland, MN area arranged by harvest time.