May 2022 – Cold Sowing Interview with Audrey Logan
Forager Corner – Ramps
Finland Farmer’s Market!
Finland Food Chain is hiring!
Wild Rice Call for Mentors and Apprentices
Ei Roska Recycling and Compost Meeting
2022 Green Door Smelt Fry!

April 2022

October 2021
Virtual Cooking Zoom: Wild Rice Stuffed Squash
Finland Farmers Market Season Ends
Finland Wild Rice House “Caps” it’s Journey
Tribute to Kiva Black

September 2021
Finland Farmers Market and Produce Stand Location Changes
Finland’s Wild Rice House Nears End of It’s First Season!
Local Foods To Be Featured In a New North Shore Restaurant
Recipe: Popped Wild Rice
Give Peas a Chance celebrates their first year with a Garden Party.
Quips and Quotes

August 2021
Progress Report: Wild Rice Project!
Zoominar: Nutrition of Manoomin/Wild Rice
Recipe: Locally sourced Grilled Trout
Stop and Smell the Tomatoes!
Upcoming Events: Tori, Garden Party, and Booya!
Of Bears and Berries
Quips and Quotes

July 2021
Finland Farmers Market Live Music and Demos
Wild Rice Facility Update
Taste of the Season: Sautéed Kale with Bacon
Producer Profile: Baptism River BBQ
Spreading the Word…  Web resources
Quips, Quotes, and You! 

June 2021
Finland Farmers Market SEASON OPENER
Live Cooking Demo at FFM
NEW: Finland Produce Stand
Taste of the Season: Grilled Garlic Scapes
Meet our newest team members!
Community Food Council Meeting
Booya’s BACK!!
Producer Profile: Little Waldo Farm
Quips, Quotes, and You! 

May 2021
Finland Farmers Market
Introducing the Finland Produce Stand
New Team Facilitator Announced
Gardener’s Corner
Making Kimchi and basic sauerkraut recipe
Job Opportunities: Finland Food Chain is Hiring! 
The Gathering Cycle revisited
Waste to Resource Task force
Did You Miss It?  Links to past webinars
Quips, Quotes, and You! 

April 2021
Webinar: Preparing Pasties
Community Garden Work Day
Compost 4 Sale
Farewell to Stefan Meyer
Job Opportunities: Finland Food Chain is Hiring! 
Webinar: Orchard Integrated Pest Management
Waste to Resource Task Force
Finland Farmers Market: Calling all vendors  
The Gathering Cycle revisited
Ongoing projects and Web Events
Quips, Quotes, and You! 

March 2021
Making Mojakka (Hearty Finnish Stew) Webinar 
Wild Rice Project updates!
Is the Finland Area Local Producer’s Buying Group for you?
Community Food Council
Producer Profile: Salt & Light Heritage Farm
Job Opportunity: North Shore Agro Ecology Center 
Soils Webinar: How to test, evaluate nurture and grow your soil
Haudenosaunee: Three Sisters Gardening and Seed Saving Webinar
Ongoing projects and Web Events
Quips, Quotes, and You! 

February 2021
In this issue:
Your Opportunity to Help
Give Peas a Chance: Garden Planning Webinar
It’s Maple Syrup Season!
Producer Profiles: Minnesota Syrup Co & Sawtooth Mountain Syrup Co
Making Mojakka (Hearty Finnish Stew) Webinar and meal kits
Blazing Trails: Training opportunity – Navigating Minnesota’s Food laws
Ongoing projects and Web Events
Quips, Quotes, and You!

January 2021
In this issue:
Upcoming Webinar: Pruning Apple Trees
Online Farmers Market
Forest Assisted Migration Project
Gathering Cycle of the Year: Experiencing the Gathering Cycle
FFC Welcomes Dan Cahill Mathews as Education and Outreach Coordinator
Producer Profile: Sve Commercial Fishing
Ongoing projects and Web Events
Quips, Quotes, and You!

December 2020
In this issue:
Go local for your holiday feast!
Give Peas a Chance, Our Community Garden Grows!
Producer Profile: Beyond Nuts!
Gathering Cycle of the Year: Winter gathering opportunities!
Ongoing projects
Quips, Quotes, and You!

November 2020
In this issue:
Finland Farmers Market goes online for winter
Flint Corn Webinar: Nixtamalization Process
Finland Food Chain is Hiring!
Gathering Cycle of the Year
Ongoing projects
Quips, Quotes, and You!

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