Community Supported Local Foods Restaurant

We are looking for community input and collaboration on this project. If you interested in helping with the project or would like to share ideas, please contact one of our team members directly or use the contact form here

Project Description: To design and implement a cooperatively-owned local foods restaurant in the Red Raven North restaurant space.

Project Updates:

12/22/2021-Lucy Carlson

The idea for a community-supported restaurant in the Finland area began when the Finland Food Chain team facilitator Dan Cahill Matthews met Patrick and Julie, the owners of Red Raven North hotel in Beaver Bay, MN. Patrick and Julie had recently purchased the formally known as Camp 61 motel and restaurant space, and were looking to create a new restaurant concept for the space. In collaboration with Patrick and Julie, Finland Food Chain Staff, and community members, we have come up with the idea to design and implement a cooperatively-owned restaurant that supports local producers and bolsters the local food system in the Red Raven North space. We are envisioning a space that heavily focuses on locally-sourced foods, thus supporting local farmers and creating a consistent demand for local foods. The restaurant will also be a hub for food aggregation and distribution (a food hub), thus encouraging other restaurants and institutions on the north shore to purchase local foods. As of 12/22/2021, there have been two community meetings to develop ideas for the restaurant, and one planning meeting to begin developing bylaws for incorporation as worker cooperative. We are using cooperative development strategies to design an ownership model that supports workers, consumers, and a sustainable food system.