Root Cellar Task Force

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Project Description: To evaluate the root cellar needs of the community, to research and visit root cellars to compile information on how to build successful root cellars in our region.

March 5, 2021: Over the past 8 months, the Finland Food Chain has explored the possibility of one or more community root cellars with the goal of increasing the capacity of local growers to store their produce. This exploration has been in the form of surveying what structures already exist, considering the benefits of renovating old cellars and/or building new structure(s).

The task force visited sites owned by the Minnesota DNR and Sugarloaf cove, as well as held a meeting with a group of neighbors interested in exploring the possibility of a “neighborhood” root cellar. While no cooperative root cellar came out of that meeting, two of those present have moved forward on building root cellars of their own. We continue to explore ways root cellars may be used as part of our local sustainable food system.