Below you will find resources and handouts that will help you find, buy, gather and grow local food for your friends and family.

The Past, Present, and Future of Agriculture in North-Eastern Minnesota
An overview of the rich history of local agriculture, how we lost local production over the years, and what possibilities the future holds for building a local food system that provides the nutritional needs of our local population.

Finland Area Gathering Cycle of the Year
An overview of the wild foods available in the Finland, MN area arranged by harvest time.

Where to buy Local Foods
A guide to help you find food that is grown, raised and processed in and around the Finland, Minnesota region.

What’s the deal with “Product of Farm” rules in MN?
As a grower, you have more freedoms than you might think to sell what you grow to both retail customers and wholesale customers such as restaurants, school and other institutions.

Minnesota Cottage Food & Value-Added Products Video Webinar with Cindy Hale
Get the skinny on what the current Cottage Food Laws allow you to do, how to register and complete the online or face to face training requirement.

Virtual Grafting Tutorial with Deb Shubat
Learn the basics of grafting from an expert!

Raising Chickens in the Northland
Raising chickens can be a great way to produce food for your family, and they can provide a lot of entertainment too. But it can sometimes be hard to know where to start and what you need to know. So we have organized this panel discussion of local chicken producers who can share their experience and answer your questions about raising chickens in our region.

Root Cellaring in Northern MN
A brief introduction to small & large, above or below grade root cellar designs will be followed by a panel discussion with 4-5 growers sharing their expertise and experience in designing, building, and using homesteading, farm-scale to community-scale root cellars.

Land Development & Homesteading Techniques
Since 2016, the North Shore AgroEcology Center has been developing a future regenerative agriculture school and demonstration site. Join Stefan as he walks you through the site development work incorporating soil works & regeneration, cover cropping, perennial agriculture, deep winter greenhouses, mushrooms, bees, and more!

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