Root Cellaring in Northern MN

A brief introduction to small & large, above or below grade root cellar designs will be followed by a panel discussion with 4-5 growers sharing their expertise and experience in designing, building and using homesteading, farm-scale to community-scale root cellars.

Our root cellar panelists include Sherry Rovig of Bark in the Dark farmstead in Duluth Township featuring the construction & use of Earth Bag Root Cellars. She’s built two and has a lot to share.

Rebecca Gawboy from Embarrass MN with expertise in renovation and repurposing of a very large root cellar from the 1940’s when northern Minnesota was the largest potatoes producer in the country!

Cindy Hale showing how we killed three birds with one stone, by creatively using one building to protect our pump house, provide storage and make a root cellar.

View PDF of the slides used in this presentation here.

Watch the Root Cellaring in Northern MN presentation below: