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Fresh Catch Grilled Trout

Fresh Catch Rainbow Trout from Echo Lake

by Dan Cahill

Lake County has several excellent trout fishing lakes. Some fishing spots are closely guarded secrets that you can only access while blindfolded with a guide so you don’t spill the beans. Some spots are almost too easily accessible. These trout came from Echo Lake right along Highway 7 (Cramer Road) between the Clair Nelson Rec Center and Trestle Inn. I don’t think anyone will be upset with me giving away this fishing spot. Early spring, Rainbow trout in Echo are active and crush fast artificial lures like small spoons. In late summer, Rainbow Trout can be caught from shore with a slip bobber and worm. It helps to puff the worm full of air to keep it suspended in the water and entice fish to strike.

4 each Whole small trout, innards removed
1 Lemon, sliced into wheels
1 bunch Fresh herb (parsley, oregano, rosemary, thyme, cilantro, etc.)
8 cloves Garlic, sliced
2 tbsp Oil
Salt and pepper to taste 

1. Start your grill and preheat on high. Clean your grates and use a folded paper towel to apply oil to the grates, then turn down to low when ready to add the fish. Alternately, on a charcoal grill build an indirect fire. Clean the grates directly over the coals, then rotate the grate to the indirect side before oiling and adding fish. 

2. Prepare the fish. Using a sharp fillet knife, cut the fish open along the belly from the vent to the jaw. Pull out the innards and gills. Use a spoon to scrape away the blood line from the kidney that runs along the back bone. Rinse the trout of all blood and debris and pat dry.

3. Salt and pepper the fish on the outside and inside the cavity. In the cavity of the belly, layer sliced lemons, sprigs of herbs, and garlic. Carefully lay the fish down on the grill. Leave the fish in place for 5-7 minutes without moving or adjusting the fish. Fish can easily stick to a grill and ruin the skin if it is fidgeted too often.  

4. In a smooth motion, slide a spatula carefully under the fish and gently flip to the other side. Cook another 3-5 minutes or until the flesh is flaky and the eyeballs are opaque. 

5. Squeeze fresh lemon over the fish and serve alongside grilled vegetables or fresh salad. 

Local Products: 
Herbs and veggies from Wolf Ridge Organic Farm
Sarah Mayer (218)-220-0194

Herbs and Garlic from Finnskogen Farm
Kaare and Pam Melby (218) 353-7736

Trout harvested from Echo Lake on Highway 7 (Cramer Road)